Recreo is a hair growth device that uses low-level laser light therapy to reverse the gradual of hair production mechanisms, and initiate a process of renewal and rehabilitation.


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Recreo by Zero Gravity

The Recreo is a revolutionary low frequency laser light therapy device which is an effective alternative to medication-based treatment.

2-Year Warranty

About Recreo

Recreo by Zero Gravity is a home-use device for treatment of excessive hair loss, thinning and balding conditions. Recreo is suitable for men and women and is effective for encouraging hair regrowth. This works regardless of the cause – be it due to genetic or other factors. Recreo lets anyone overcome their problem. Recreo therapy stimulates hair growth and helps rehabilitate the skin cells and hair follicles by utilizing low-energy laser light to treat the principle cause of baldness.The treatment is localized and direct, gives quick results and has no side effects.


The combination of thicker and increased volume of existing hair results in a significant improvement in the way your hair looks and feels. There are no side effects low level laser therapy, and it is an easy, convenient and completely safe hair regrowth solution with guaranteed results. After the first three months of treatment, you will benefit from an accumulated improvement of 20% in two parameters: New hair growth and thickness of existing hair. Using low level laser therapy regularly ensures that your hair will continue to improve and regenerate well past the first four months of use.

Recreo Advantages

Self Treatment Anywhere

Take Recreo anywhere and use it at anytime

Rapid Results

Your hair will look better after a few short months of use

Technological Breakthrough

The most advanced, patent-protected technology

Amazing Results

Not only will your hair loss stop. Your hair will look and feel revived

No Side Effects

Treatment with Recreo is external and local

Can Be Used Worldwide

Just need a local plug


Promote hair growth in both men and women

12 Low Level Laser

Help increase blood circulation in the scalp

Low Level Laser Therapy Results

Healthier hair starts today

According to research, 90% of men and 45% of women suffer from loss in the volume and density of hair during their lives. In men, the process can lead to complete baldness and in women, to different levels of hair thinning on different parts of the scalp.

During the hair thinning and balding process, the blood vessels supplying the hair follicles shrink; the skin becomes thinner and there is a significant shortage of nutrients and oxygen required for the growth of healthy, luxuriant hair. Slowly but surely, the follicles atrophy and what remains is thin hair, similar to a plume and lacking pigment. Finally, hair growth stops entirely due to follicle dysfunction.

The development of Recreo is based on medical research in the field of dermatology. Research has shown the principal cause of hair loss in both men and women to be follicle sensitivity to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Recreo treats the principal causes of baldness and helps rehabilitate the skin and hair follicles. The treatment is localized and direct, creating a rapid reaction with no side effects.

Science acknowledges LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) as a non-chemical, non-invasive and effective method for treating and regenerating hair growth. The theory that stands at the basis of this therapeutic method maintains that laser energy at the power levels improves cell division, thereby accelerating the regenaration rate of the hair. Recreo emits laser energy from a short range, directly, while the teeth part the hair that blocks the laser beam from reaching the scalp. helps rehabilitate the skin cells and hair follicles helps rehabilitate the skin cells and hair follicles


Control hair loss and thinning hair

Stimulates blood cell of the scalp

Promotes scalp health

Repairs damaged hair

No side effects, no pain

Boost hair growth20% increase in hair growth with just 90 days

Recreo is highly recommended in the following cases:

Who Can Benefit From Using Recreo?

Excessive Hair Loss
Increased hair loss can appear at any age and for a variety of reasons, such as: stress, imbalanced eating habits, and a serious illness or hospitalization. If you notice that you are losing large amounts of hair, using Recreo on a regular basis as part of your hair care regimen will improve blood flow to the scalp, revitalizing the hair follicles so that the hair grows healthier and stronger.

Hair Becomes Thinner
The first sign of future hair loss may be when hair becomes thinner and more brittle. As a result, the hair does not seem as full as before. This can sometimes be missed or ignored due to shorter hair styles (among other factors). Recreo has great results in treating thinning hair, as it removes toxins and improves the living environment of the hair, enriches the hair follicles and helps them grow stronger, healthier and thicker than before.

Family History of Hair Loss
Hair loss is a genetic trait, effecting 90% of men, If you have a history of hair loss and balding in your family, you are at greater risk – the older you get, the higher the likelihood that you will notice some level of hair loss. Recreo’s unique technology stimulates the hair follicles to produce thicker hair and awakens and encourages dormant follicles to resume a healthy, normal hair growth cycle.

Different Phases of Hair loss
Each person experiences hair loss differently. For men, usually the first sign is a slowly receding hair line on the forehead and temple areas and the crown area is the next to be affected. Recreo can help prevent hair loss from progressing any further, and when used on a regular basis willnot only stop the progression but will reverse it, bringing the hair back to its full potential.

Hair Lacks Vitality
Hair is often an extension and integral part of our personal style. Therefore, when your hair loses its shine, lacks vitality and does not look as good as you would like, it can have a great emotional effect, causing a loss in self-confidence. Recreo works to enrich the hair follicles, helping them grow stronger, healthier and thicker than before, and bringing the hair back to its pride and glory.

Increased Hair Loss & Thinning Hair
Hair loss may increase at many periods in life, resulting in thinner hair. Chemical imbalances in the body can cause the hair follicles to become weak and fall out in increasing numbers. Recreo helps by accelerating the body’s natural cycle of regeneration and by combating external factors that may affect the hair follicles. These actions aid in both the long and in the short term.

Hair Does Not Grow Long
There are many periods in life when hair loss can increase and hair can become thinner. In these cases, in generaa, chemical imbalance in the body causes the hair follicles to become weaker and fall out at heightened levels. Recreo helps both in the short and long terms, speeding up the body’s natural regeneration cycle, and combating any external effects that may affect the hair follicles.

Widening of the Part
For women, hair loss can be evidenced by a growing gap between the different hair partings. While at first it may not be noticeable to others, but only to you if, as it develops it will become more and more visible. Recreo was uniquely designed to help you out, by working directly at the part lines. It allows for direct treatment of the most critical areas, stopping the process and reversing it in order to bring the hair back to what it used to be.

This device is for cosmetic use. This device does not change the structure or function of the body.The device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or illness.

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Zero Gravity Device
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