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Perfectio Training Video – Download
Perfectio Introduction Video Download
Perfectio+ Introduction Video Download
Perfectio Video (With Spanish Subtitles) Download
Sapphire Video Download
Sapphire Video (With Spanish Subtitles) Download
UV Kit instructional Video Download
Dermatologist View Video Download
Dermatologist View – Red Light Video Download
Dermatologist View – Blue Light Video Download
Perfectio App Video Download
Testimonial by Alexa Van Leer Video Download
Dermatologist View - Red Light (With Traditional Chinese Subtitle) Download
Dermatologist View - Red Light (With Simplified Chinese Subtitle) Download
Perfectio X - Loved Worldwide Video - Download
BEST LED Infrared Device Perfectio Zero Gravity Anti Aging (How to use) - Download
Oxycura Oxygen Facial Device - English Subtitles - Download
Oxycura Instructions - Download

Relaxatio Materials

  1. Relaxatio Teaser
  2. Relaxatio product images
  3. Relaxatio Photos with Model

Genesis Z Materials

  1. Genesis Z Product Video
  2. Genesis Z Product Images
  3. Genesis Z Rollup

Sapphire X Materials

  1. Sapphire X Social Media Teasers
  2. Sapphire X Product Video
  3. Sapphire X Photos with Model

Perfectio X Materials

  1. Perfectio X Social Media Teasers
  2. Perfectio X Product Video
  3. Perfectio X Photos with Model

Grandio300 Materials

  1. How Grandio Works Video
  2. Grandio User Manual
  3. Grandio Tutorial Video
  4. App Connecting Camera to Mobile Videos
  5. App Grandio Before & After for Windows + Instructional Videos
  6. App Grandio Before & After for Mac + Instructional Videos
  7. App Grandio Personal Trainer
  8. Chin Rest Assembly Manual + (Instructional Video)
  9. Before & After Book
  10. Product Photos

Recreo Materials

  1. Recreo Product Video
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Glorifico & Glorifico+ Materials

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  4. Glorifico & Glorifico+ Product Videos
  5. Glorifico & Glorifico+ Photos with Model
  6. Glorifico & Glorifico+ Product Images

Oxycura Materials

  1. Oxycura User Manual
  2. Oxycura Dome User Manual
  3. Oxycura X Series Handle User Manual
  4. Oxycura Flyers
  5. Oxycura Dome Flyers
  6. Oxycura X Series Handle Flyers
  7. Oxycura Teaser Video
  8. Oxycura Product Video
  9. Oxycura Instruction Video
  10. Oxycura Product Images
  11. Oxycura Dome Product Images
  12. Oxycura X Series Handle Product Images
  13. Oxycura Photoshoot with Model
  14. Oxycura Rollup

Translated material

  1. Translated Text of the Whole Website – Spanish

Downloadable material

  1. Perfectio Plus Limited Edition Swarovski certificate For Stores

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Display podium full concept w sizes – Do it yourself – measurements

Premium podium gold finish – download

Premium podium silver finish – download
Perfectio podium silver finish – download
Perfectio podium gold finish – download
Perfectio+ podium silver finish – download
Perfectio+ podium gold finish – download


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