The most advanced & hygienic devices with the best result you can ask for!

Ground breaking needle-free injection technology makes a unique option for estheticians to deliver product straight through the pores and deep into the skin.

· Microcurrent roller
· Heating + cooling handpiece
· Needle-free injector

An excellent choice for the one who is looking for a comprehensive skin rejuvenating device that includes 7 different treatments:

1. Electro ion handpiece
2. Cold/hot treatment handpiece
3. Oxygen sprayer handpiece
4. Ultrasound scrubber 28khz
5. Ultrasound eye handpiece
6. Radio frequency handpiece
7. Ultrasound handpiece

The ultimate all in one device: it is practically everything you can do for someone's face combined into a single device. It includes 7 different treatments:

1. Heating/cooling
2. Enriched - oxygen capsule
3. Aqua peel exfoliation
4. Electro microcurrent facial muscle
5. Ultrasound energy
6. RF (radio frequency)
7. Oxygen treatments

A multipolar RF device can be a potent solution to cellulite, loose skin and the stubborn fat around the waist.

Safe, proven, aggravation free body contouring with RF technology.

Four setting microneedling with the most powerful RF on the market. RF microneedling is increasingly the treatment of choice for patients looking for that perfect skin tightening efficacy and minimal down time.

60,000 muscle contraction in 30 minutes - EMS has an iron-clad track record as an effective way to maintain muscle density in medical environments and physical therapy. EMS are one of the new methods proven in impartial clinical trials to help tone muscle and burn fat.

Technology enables complete treatment in one pass. IPL (intense pulsed light) treats hyperpigmentation issues, uneven tone, sunspot, birthmarks. it can help with acne to smooth out skin texture, even hair removal.

3x faster laser hair removal for 5 skin types! 10hz diode laser hair technology ensures faster, cleaner, less painful hair removal for a wider range of skin types.