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Oxycura™ combines oxygen treatment and ion therapy which benefits the skin by increasing circulation and promoting cellular regeneration, resulting in a brighter and more youthful complexion. This treatment also helps to restore moisture which allows the outer layer to act as a barrier, preventing dehydration and external irritants from penetrating and damaging the inner layers of our skin. Oxycura™ ensures better protection from sunlight, radiation and moving air.

Read the User Manual before using cream or lotion during this treatment.

Please make sure you are purchasing the correct model per your country voltage rate. There are 2 models - 110V and 220V.

5-Year warranty.

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Oxycura™ is a cutting-edge device that combines oxygen treatment and ion therapy to promote a healthy and revitalized complexion.

Introducing Oxycura™ - the ultimate oxygen treatment and ion therapy device that will enhance the radiance of your face and promote natural balance in the treated areas, leaving your skin looking bright and feeling moisturized. 

This innovative product encourages revitalized skin, delivering nourishing oxygen to the epidermal layer, which acts as an effective barrier against deeper skin layers.

Skin cells have a limited lifetime and oxygen plays a crucial role in nearly every cellular process, making it an essential element for healthy skin. Oxycura™ delivers oxygen directly to the skin, which not only purifies and shrinks pores but also gives your face a glowing look.

Experience the rejuvenating effects of Oxycura™ and reveal your best skin yet.

The negative ions that are created as air molecules break apart in reaction to sunlight, radiation, air and water. They are tasteless and invisible.

That is the reason the technology works on the mechanism in the water molecules of the ion, and creates a “molecule coating” on the surface of the skin.

The negative ion technology bonds with positive ions in the skin to restore moisture. That is why it is important to use negative ion therapy and to make sure to apply face cream and serum after using the Oxycura™.

For optimal results when using Oxycura™, pair it with Levigo cream:

This premium cream is specially designed to prepare your skin and pores for enhanced oxygen absorption, resulting in a fresher, revitalized appearance and a healthier complexion.

Introducing the Oxycura™ X Series Handle, the revolutionary beauty accessory that allows you to combine three powerful technologies - infrared light, oxygen treatment, and ion therapy - all in one device.

Transform your skincare routine with the perfect combination of the Oxycura™ X Series Handle and Zero Gravity’s Perfectio X. Experience the power of infrared heat and oxygen flow working together. The infrared light of the Perfectio X targets aging in the deepest layers of your skin, while the Oxycura™ provides a boost of oxygen to hydrate and revitalize your skin.

This dynamic duo deeply nourishes the skin's outer layers while promoting moisture retention and improving overall skin health. With the added bonus of a protective "molecule coating," your skin will feel smoother, more hydrated, and look more radiant than ever before. Save time and maximize results by using both technologies simultaneously with the Oxycura™ X Series Handle.

This powerful combination works from the inside out, penetrating all layers of the skin to restore moisture and improve overall skin health.

Read the User Manual before using cream or lotion during this treatment. This accessory may also be used in conjunction with Zero Gravity’s Sapphire X device.

Experience the effortless way to achieve healthier and brighter skin with the Oxycura™ Dome. The Oxycura™ technology provides enhanced blood circulation, hydration, and protection to your skin, resulting in a more even and radiant complexion. With Oxycura™ Dome, you can achieve your desired results in no time, without any additional effort.

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