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Aecor Max

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    90° Correlation Targeting Light Spectrum Technology
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    Repair Cellar Rejuvenation
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    High-efficiency Photochemical and Magnetic Effect
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    Activate Cell Enzyme Activity
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    INFRARED LIGHT - 850 nm

    Stimulates cell reproduction and healing providing relief of muscle, joint, inflammation and arthritis pain (infra red light is invisible to human eyes).

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    RED LIGHT - 635 nm

    Improves skin health, treats wrinkles, scars, age spots and anti-inflammation.

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    Boosts vitamin D3, helps regenerate and heal bones (for body only).

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    BLUE LIGHT - 415 nm

    Treats skin disorders, kills P. Acne Bacteria, improves skin texture and reduces sebaceous hyperplasia or enlarged oil glands in order to reduce pores size, sun spots, acne and acne scars.

Once this light energy has been absorbed by the body, it is then used by cells to build new proteins such as collagen and elastin, and assist with cellular regeneration.

Aecor Max Light Therapy blue light mode is designed for acne treatment. Bacteria known as P. Acnes endogenously produce coproporphyrin III and protoporphyrin, both of which are light-sensitive substances.

Aecor Max is equipped to irradiate these substances with wavelengths of blue light specifically designed to stimulate porphyrins. Once stimulated, they synthesize intracellular singlet oxygen, inducing bacterial death which eradicates acne’s inflammatory effects.

Use the device according to our recommendation (30 minutes each treatment, 3 times a week), to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D. Be aware that excessive exposure to ultra violet rays can accelerate skin aging and may damage your skin. The devices must be used responsibly, so follow our recommendations for optimal results.

How to Use Aecor Max


    1. Remove make-up, pollutants and all product residues from the skin

    2. Cleanse the skin with a suitable skin cleanser (e.g. AHA wash)

    3. Fit the safety goggles to ensure that the pupils are protected from direct illumination


    1. Position Aecor Max around the face and make sure that the face is positioned in the middle of the surface

    2. Activate the unit and choose mode. The required dose is 20-30 minutes treatment time for each session

    3. The treatment course is typically 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks, 8 treatments in total

Aecor Device